From Industrial To Romantic

From Dutch farmers to plein air painters, from American Romanticism to the Industrial Revolution, dreamers have always been drawn to dramatic views of the Hudson. All of these stories come into play at Edge-on-Hudson, where we’re opening up 1.5 blissful miles of shoreline for the first time in generations.

Juxtaposing industrial and romantic, two unique experiences will coexist along the edge. Head south for a modern hive of activity with stunning city and new Governor Mario M. Cuomo (Tappan Zee) Bridge views. Go north for a pastoral scene of century-old trees and low-key recreation in line with its rambling neighbor, Kingsland Point Park. Our claim to fame is a new waterfront promenade—a magnet for jogging, in-line skating, dog walking, cycling, stroller brigades, boat gazing and people watching.


Each neighborhood offers a vibe all its own to suit your every mood and desire.

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