Making History On The Hudson

In 1899, the North Tarrytown Assembly Plant opened along these shores to build the Walker Steamer for the fledgling Mobile Company of America. The dream machine rolled off the assembly line in 1900, and the plant witnessed nearly 100 years of pivotal automotive history. Then the steamers gave way to the gas-powered Maxwell, and Maxwell Briscoe made way for Chevrolet.

In 1915, Chevrolet joined the General Motors banner, launching an 82-year run. The plant became a staple of the community, employing thousands of people and building an estimated 12 million vehicles—including aircraft components during WWII. When GM shut the plant down in 1996, the news sent a shockwave through the local economy.

In 1998, GM officials began exploring opportunities to redevelop the property to benefit the village of Sleepy Hollow and the greater Hudson Valley community, eliciting requests for proposals from developers. In December of 2013, a joint venture bought the site for $39.5 million. Now, the team’s key development partners are leading Biddle Real Estate Ventures and PCD Development, LLC in opening this premier 70-acre stretch of waterfront to the public for the first time in over a century. With a billion-dollar transformation dubbed Edge-on-Hudson.


Juxtaposing industrial and romantic, two unique experiences will coexist along the edge.

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