The Open Space In Between

Raise Your Walkability Factor

If you’re looking to get some quality time in nature, relocating to Edge-on-Hudson raises your walkability factor and your connection to the outdoors—including over 24 acres of lush parks with curated public spaces for sports, celebration, relaxation and fresh air. It’s also the perfect place to clear your mind, reset and reconnect with yourself and your surroundings.

Step outside your front door and immerse in a riverside sanctuary where nearly half of the community’s acreage is set aside as dedicated open green space. Leafy landscaping reflects the natural awe inspired by the Hudson Valley, infused with the energy of the Hudson River. Our 16-acre waterfront park and 3-acre park green are the centerpieces of sociability. Here and there are public plazas, natural ecosystems, pocket parks and brilliant promenades—giving urbanites a welcome pause from their hectic lives.


Urban happiness comes with stunning views up and down the mighty Hudson.

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