Life On The Water Goes LEED

Once host to a major General Motors assembly plant that occupied a prime piece of real estate at the water’s edge, Edge-on-Hudson’s 70 acres are being transformed into a cool, contemporary, transit-oriented destination that caters to the next generation of Hudson Valley residents and devotees.

The master plan was sensitively designed to celebrate life on the water and give everyone a real connection to the Hudson River. Phase 1 features over 300 townhomes, condos and apartments grouped together to allow for parks and open space in between. A linear park runs through the heart of the community within a few minutes’ walk of all three districts. The waterfront promenade becomes the center of community life, where the future hotel and restaurants come together on the edge.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, Edge-on-Hudson is expected to be certified to LEED Neighborhood Development standards.

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River style goes contemporary cool like never before.

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