Road Development and Hydro-Seeding

  • Development work on site has taken a major step forward now that more than 90% of the concrete slab has been removed.
  • With earth and fill now exposed throughout the site, hydro-seeding (visible in green in the attached image) will continue in April, limiting soil erosion and aiding dust control
  • The initial road network for Phase 1 is taking shape (streets that will become public thoroughfares as part of the Village of Sleepy Hollow) and the roads are being “surcharged” with earth during April. Approximately 5 feet of extra earth is added to the tops of the street route, which will compress the existing landfill over a period of months, eliminating settling.  The extra earth will be removed once the surcharge is complete and the road beds will be installed.
  • Fill operations have begun adjacent to the site entrance, site of a planned roundabout that will link River Street and Beekman Avenue with the street network of Edge-On-Hudson

Edge Hydro Seeding

February Milestones

  • Installation of temporary utility poles (shown below) has brought power the the construction site for the first time, as work continues despite recent snowfall
  • Work to begin installing sanitary water lines for Phase 1 commences this week
  • All work to bring Phase 1 up to grade is now complete
  • 50% of all project fill has now been delivered
  • Virtually all (98%) of original building foundations have been removed

Edge Snow Utilities

Concrete Removal 80% Complete

  • As 2017 gets underway, nearly 80% of the concrete removal on site has been completed
  • We continue to process the concrete on site to make stone products and fill, reducing the need for trucks to bring similar products and reducing truck traffic on the streets
  • We are also continuing to receive fill material by barge in January, further reducing truck deliveries.  Nearly 1/3 of all import material has been delivered
  • Additional work in January 2017 includes the installation of Wick drains to help with site settlement

Edge construction 1.5.17


Happy Holidays!

We’re so pleased to look back on a year of progress – from the groundbreaking in June to the launch of barge deliveries for fill, slab demolition, and the start of utility work – and we’re looking ahead to a successful 2017.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Edge-On-Hudson and best wishes for a wonderful new year.

Lighthouse Holiday w Bridge low res


Utility Work

Several milestones have been reached as work at Edge-On-Hudson proceeds in December:

  • Utility installation (electric and stormwater) is now underway
  • Construction of pubic roads on property begins in December
  • Slab demolition continues
  • Fill delivery by barge and truck continues

Happy Holidays to all!


Edge 12.9.16 4

Holiday Lighting of the 1883 Lighthouse at Sleepy Hollow


A brand new event will light up the holiday season in Sleepy Hollow this year. It’s the 1st Annual Holiday Lighting of the 1883 Lighthouse at Sleepy Hollow, scheduled for Saturday, December 3rd, with the lighthouse open for visitors starting at 3:30pm and the lighting ceremony at 4:00pm. Rain date: Dec. 4.

The lighthouse will be festively decorated with colored LED lights, the Heartfelt Quartet will perform Holiday carols, free hot cider and donuts will be available, and Santa himself will make an appearance. Admission and parking are free, as the event is underwritten with support from Edge-On-Hudson. Visitors are encouraged to bring a new, unwrapped toy for donation to the holiday toy drives of The Open Door Family Medical Centers and the RSHM Life Center of Sleepy Hollow (toys for newborns through age 14 most appreciated).

Lighthouse Daytime cropped


  • Holiday Carols by the Heartfelt Quartet
  • Children meet Santa
  • Hot cider and donuts
  • Free admission
  • Dress warmly for this outdoor event!

Free parking at Edge-On-Hudson. Enter at main gate (199 Beekman Avenue at intersection of Beekman Avenue and River Street in Sleepy Hollow) and walk or drive to the lighthouse.




Barge Deliveries

  • Delivery of fill material by barge to Edge-On-Hudson will commence on Friday, September 23, 2016 and continues weekly until further notice
  • Set-up work at the barge staging area will begin Wednesday, September 21
  • Barge delivery is an important step forward for the project, as each barge load of fill will eliminate as many as 100 truck-load deliveries, reducing the traffic impact in Sleepy Hollow
  • Please note that with the start of barge deliveries, the entire Edge-On-Hudson site is now a hard-hat construction zone and access is prohibited at all times, seven days per week, except for designated special events.  
  • We look forward to welcoming members of the public to designated areas of the site during events such as the Light The Night walk, on Saturday, November 5th 2016 at 5pm, benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  To register for this inspiring and important event, visit

Hard Hats

Fill Delivery

Construction on site at Edge-On-Hudson during the weeks of 8/22 and 8/29 will include:

  • Delivery of fill material by truck, expected completion of first round by Monday 8/29
  • Ongoing slab demolition
  • Installation of Wick Drains (including pre-drilling and drain insert)

Edge slab demo 8.24.16 Edge truck fill

Driving Test Piles

  • Contractors will drive test piles on-site during the week of August 15, with this work expected to be completed by Friday, August 19

Edge Pile Test

Slab Demolition

  • The week of August 8th is focused on slab demolition on the south east corner of Edge-On-Hudson
  • Pile testing continues on site
  • Equipment load-in for the installation of Wick Drains, scheduled for week of August 15th

Fill Preparation

  • The week of August 1 includes preparation for receiving fill material, set to arrive by barge and by truck
  • Installation of mesh screen on the southern fence to be completed
  • Continued pile testing

mesh edge fence

Slab Demolition + Equipment load-in

  • The week of 7/25 includes continued slab demolition and pile testing on site.
  • Equipment load-in continues, as well, as the property prepares to receive fill material.


Edge Load in photoEdge day 1 photo

Pile Testing On-Site

  • During the week of July 18th, pile testing and slab demolition (for access to piles) will commence at Edge-On-Hudson.
  • With construction activity now underway on site, please remember that access to the property is prohibited 24 hours per day/7 days per week – except in designated special event locations.

New Traffic Pattern

  • During the week of July 11th, traffic flow on Beekman Avenue between Clinton and Hudson Street will be rerouted to the newly installed temporary bridge (north side of Beekman).
  • Traffic will follow this pattern throughout reconstruction of the permanent Beekman Avenue Bridge
  • Construction equipment load-in at Edge-On-Hudson will continue during this week

Bridge Completed

  • Construction of the temporary bridge on Beekman Avenue has been completed.
  • This new structure can now support the delivery of fill and construction equipment to the Edge-On-Hudson site.
  • The work week of July 5th will focus on relocation of utilities at the bridge and preparation for shifting traffic from the south side of Beekman Avenue to the north side (on to the new bridge).
  • Once traffic has shifted, work will commence in the coming weeks on construction of the permanent bridge at Beekman Avenue, anticipated to be an approximately one-year project.
  • Work at Edge-On-Hudson, also set to start during July, will include delivery of fill and slab demolition.  Please note that with Edge-On-Hudson transitioning to an active construction site, access to the property is prohibited at all times, except for designated special events in specified locations.
  • One such special event is Westchester Circus Arts flying trapeze summer camp, active on the southern lot through August 5th.  Access is via the main gate at Beekman Avenue/River Street only.  For hours and information, visit

Sleepy Hollow Sprint Triathlon

  • Edge-On-Hudson was honored to serve as Presenting Sponsor of the 8th Annual Sleepy Hollow Sprint Triathlon, benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society this past Sunday, June 26th.
  • More than 200 participants raised over $80,000 for this important cause, finishing the final leg with a run through Edge-On-Hudson to the finish line in Kingsland Point Park on a brilliant sunny day.
  • Save the date of Saturday, November 5th (5pm) when the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society returns to Edge-On-Hudson for its inspiring Light the Night Walk.  Register here:
  • Construction the week of June 27 includes paving of ramps at the temporary Beekman Avenue Bridge

Triathlon leaping swimmers

Sidewalk installation

  • The week of June 20th includes sidewalk installation at the Beekman Avenue Bridge.
  • Construction of the entry ramps and final concrete for the temporary steel bridge will also be completed this week.
  • Please note that Edge-On-Hudson will host the Sleepy Hollow Sprint Triathlon, benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, this Sunday June 26th.  Set-up is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, June 25-26.  Parking for the triathlon is set for the north lot at Edge-On-Hudson (access from Beekman Avenue).
  • The triathlon running route will cross Edge-On-Hudson property from the north Kingsland Point Park gate through the south Beekman Avenue gate on Sunday June 26th.  Gates will be open during this period.  Drivers use caution.
  • Edge-On-Hudson has also donated temporary space on property to Westchester Circus Arts, a well-respected local performing arts organization.  WCA will operate a six-week summer camp flying trapeze program, with individual lessons also available to adults.  WCA will operate its flying trapeze rig from 10am – 9pm each day for the six week season, starting June 27.  The rig will open June 26th and will be available to spectators of the Sleepy Hollow Sprint Triathlon, with proceeds from that day benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Steel Supports

  • The week of June 13th includes continued installation of steel supports for the temporary bridge at Beekman Avenue.
  • Con Edison will be rerouting utilities under the bridge during this week, as well.
  • Following completion of the temporary bridge, traffic lanes will be reconfigured to utilize the north side of Beekman Avenue at the bridge, permitting construction to begin on the south side.

Beekman Bridge Steel

Restricted Site Access

  • With construction scheduled to commence at the Edge-On-Hudson site, initially including slab demolition and pile testing, please note that access is now restricted to authorized personnel.  New locks are installed at the south gate (Beekman Avenue/River Street) and the north gate (Kingsland Park).
  • Designated areas of the site will be opened for special events such as the Sleepy Hollow Sprint Triathlon, on Sunday, June 26th, and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night Walk, on Sunday, November 5.
  • Limited south gate access will also be available in support of a local organization, Westchester Circus Arts, during summer months.
  • During the week of June 6th, construction on the Beekman Avenue Bridge will include installation of the steel support system (with installation scheduled for Wednesday, June 8).

Beekman Avenue Bridge

  • Concrete pouring at the Beekman Avenue Bridge was completed the week of May 23rd
  • The work-week of May 31 will include backfilling at the bridge site and build-up of the roadway to meet the new bridge, as well as underground installation of Con-Ed utilities
  • Delivery of steel supports for the temporary bridge is expected the week of June 6
  • Isolated slab demolition at Edge-On-Hudson is expected to commence in approximately 3 weeks

Pouring Concrete: Beekman Avenue Bridge

  • Many thanks to the nearly 200 members of the community who attended the Edge-On-Hudson groundbreaking ceremony on May 18th.  We’re very appreciative of the support from local officials and residents.
  • Work on the temporary bridge at Beekman Avenue is proceeding quickly, and the temporary bridge should be erected in early June.
  • The week of May 23rd is focused on pouring concrete abutments where the new steel temporary bridge will rest.

Edge-On-Hudson Groundbreaking photo 1

May 18th Groundbreaking Ceremony at Edge-On-Hudson

  • This week includes an exciting milestone, with a groundbreaking ceremony scheduled at 11am on Wednesday, May 18th at Edge-On-Hudson, adjacent to the lighthouse.  Members of the community are cordially invited to attend.
  • The week of May 16th at the Beekman Avenue Bridge includes excavation for temporary concrete abutments, with forming and installation of rebar.
  • Drilling was completed at the Beekman Avenue Bridge during the week of May 9th.


Beekman Avenue Drilling

  • Construction during the week of May 9th will include drilling in a series of 10 locations at the Beekman Avenue Bridge in advance of excavations
  • Metro-North flagmen will be on site


Edge Drilling

Digging In

  • Lane barriers were installed during the week of April 24 and traffic signals activated, marking the start of single-lane, alternating traffic flow on Beekman Avenue between Hudson and Clinton Streets
  • Construction of the temporary Beekman Avenue Bridge continues during the week of May 2
  • Initial work includes drilling for and installing steel H piles and lagging to support construction of bridge abutments

Beekman May 2 2016 post

Sleepy Hollow Sprint Triathlon Presented by Edge-On-Hudson June 26th

  • We’re pleased to announce that Edge-On-Hudson is supporting the 2016 Sleepy Hollow Sprint Triathlon as Presenting Sponsor. The Triathlon is scheduled for Sunday, June 26th at Kingsland Point Park and Edge-On-Hudson in Sleepy Hollow, NY and benefits The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Registration and donation information is available at:
  • Edge-On-Hudson will serve as a staging area for participant parking during the day of the event, and as a portion of the running route
  • Construction update:  During the week of April 25th, coordination with ConEd and the Village of Sleepy Hollow continues on activation of new traffic signals in the area of the Beekman Avenue Bridge



Beekman Avenue Bridge Single-Lane Traffic Pattern Installation

  • The week of April 18th will include coordination with ConEd for activation of new traffic signals on Beekman Avenue (installed week of April 11) at the Beekman Avenue Bridge
  • A new single-lane traffic pattern will be installed at the Beekman Avenue Bridge
  • The single-lane alternating traffic pattern will be in operation for the duration of construction of the temporary bridge and during site preparation at Edge-On-Hudson


Beekman traffic signal intall

Beekman Avenue Traffic Signals

Construction on Beekman Avenue during the week of April 11th includes:

  • Installation of temporary traffic signal lights
  • Installation of additional traffic signal poles

Beekman Avenue Equipment Load-In

  • The week of April 4th will include equipment load-in for the Beekman Avenue Bridge project, including backhoe and other equipment
  • Signage installation continues this week as well as the installation of 7 traffic signal poles from Clinton to Hudson Streets that will support the temporary traffic signals


Beekman Ave. Construction Signage

  • Surveying work/street marking was completed last week on Beekman Avenue.
  • The week of March 28th includes the installation of poles for construction signage at the intersections of Beekman Avenue and Clinton Street and the intersections of Beekman Avenue and Hudson Street.
  • Additional construction related signage to be installed.

Surveying on Beekman Avenue

  • Surveyors from Arben Group will commence work on and around the Beekman Avenue Bridge during the week of March 21
  • The survey work is the first step towards construction of the temporary Beekman Avenue Bridge improvement
  • Installation of construction signage is also expected to begin the week of March 21

Beekman Avenue Bridge Contractor/Metro-North Meeting

  • Progress continues towards construction of the temporary Beekman Avenue Bridge (over the Metro-North rail tracks), with a construction planning meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 15 with Metro-North and Village of Sleepy Hollow officials, Edge-On-Hudson and the selected contractor
  • Arben Group LLC, a highly experienced Westchester County-based firm, has been selected by Edge-On-Hudson as contractor for the temporary Beekman Avenue Bridge project
  • Arben Group specializes in bridge/overpass construction and has also served as lead contractor in replacement of Tappan Zee Bridge road decking
  • In advance of work on the temporary bridge, signals will be installed on Beekman Avenue to facilitate single lane transit across the bridge

Temporary Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow School Bus Parking March 11-12

  • At the request of the Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow school district (due to events scheduled at the high school), 16 district school buses and 24 school vans will be parked at the Edge-On-Hudson site on Friday, March 11 and Saturday, March 12.   We’re pleased to support the Union Free School District of the Tarrytowns.



Beekman Avenue Bridge Site Preparation

  • Site preparation for construction of a temporary Beekman Avenue Bridge is tentatively scheduled to begin in March, 2016.
  • Construction of the temporary bridge is expected to take approximately 90 days.
  • The new bridge will allow for construction equipment and materials to be safely transported to and from the Edge-On-Hudson site.
  • During construction and ongoing use of the bridge, temporary traffic signals at the east and west sides of the bridge will permit alternating (single lane) traffic flow.
  • Check back for frequent updates on start dates, traffic pattern adjustments and construction progress reports.


Beekman Avenue Bridge, Sleepy Hollow, NY